In Mould Labels
Top 5 Qualities of In Mould Labels
In mould labelling is the use of paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing process done by the in mould label manufacturers. In every product labels serves to be an integral part in the final stage of the product. In the manufacturin....
 thermal lamination manufacturers
Unique Features of Thermal Lamination Films from Vintech ..
Thermal lamination films are generally films that are coated with resin or a thermal adhesive that melts down even in low temperatures. This application technique ensures that the whole lamination process is done just by application of slig....
Lamination films
6 Signs of Quality Lamination Film Manufacturing
lamination process is the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers so that the manufactured material achieves improved strength, stability, good insulation, and good appearance. Lamination films are widely used for rendering....
PVC Heat Shrink Films
Use of PVC Heat Shrink Films for Perfect Packaging of You..
Packaging has always been an integral marketing strategy to glamorize a product in order to attract customer’s attention. Many customers judge a product by its packing before buying it. So creating compelling and alluring packaging films becomes a challenging task for PVC heat shrink film manufacturers. Yes, you heard it right for c....
In Mould Labels
6 Reasons of Using In-Mould Labels
In mould labelling is a process in which manufacturers place a pre-printed polypropylene label in the mould of the packaging during the manufacturing process. Therefore when the mould gives shape to the plastic packaging, it also adds the labelling to the packaging. In-mould labelling involves three methods they are: Blow moulding ....
BOPP Wrap around Labels
What is BOPP? Why use BOPP Labels from Vintech Poly?
BOPP is an abbreviation for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). It is a sibling of Polypropylene (PP) and is currently considered the most appropriate printing surface. It is mostly used as a printing surface for labels and stickers while being present in textiles and making other plastic materials and parts. Fundamentally, polypr....
Mould Label Suppliers
In-Mould Labels Redefine Designing Boundaries for Tube Pa..
For superlative barrier characteristics to the eco-friendliness tube, packing is gaining importance & continuing to prove its worth. Selecting is a valuable idea, especially the advantages they provide. But if all & sundry is making use of it, how can you ensure that the product stands apart from the rest? The secret to success to....
Wrap around labels
Shrink Wrap Vs Over Wrap Which One to Use?
About Shrink Wrap   Shrink wraps commonly known as shrink films are made up of polymer plastic films.  The product to be applied with this Wrap around labels is placed below the film and then heat is applied to the film and it shrinks tightly over the product.   About Over Wrap   Over wrap also known....
PVC shrink wraps
9 Reasons Why your Business Should Use Shrink Technology
Businesses look out for packaging solutions that can help to make their product secure, attractive, and cost-efficient. With technological advancement, a lot of changes happened in the process of product manufacturing and packaging. The packaging is a crucial aspect of any product that can’t be ignored. Shrink wrapping has a lot of ....
PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturers
A Complete Guide to Overwrap Shrinks Film
There are essentially two kinds of shrink film and they namely shrink film for transit & shrink film for presentation. The key purpose of shrink film for transit is to protect and cater to the utmost strength. The appearance is usually of secondary importance. Overwrap shrink manufacturers opine the typical applications are jars or it....
PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturer
5 Common Mistakes One Tends To Make While Choosing Label ..
Product labels are quite important for making a brand successful and it is part of packaging & is used in numerous industries. As a PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturer, one might require product labels for making the brand known to all & sundry. In this particular blog will discuss five key mistakes that individuals generally mak....
PVC Shrink labels
3 Key Areas of Value Unlocking With Product Labels
Products labels are normally designed to let the consumers know some basic details about the product. It enhances the brand appeal having multi-coloured graphic design, logo along with the list of product ingredients. Yes, all these details are mentioned on the labels, but are they capable of exciting the customers? At the same time ar....
BOPP Shrink Wrap
Packing Material That Is Appropriate and Ideal For You
Adopting the corrective packaging techniques and going ahead to choose the right packing product will make sure the product reaches the customer with perfection. For instance, while packaging breakable goods padding is an utmost necessity. Lamination Film Manufacturers across the city have opined a few verdicts that can help you with your....
PVC Heat Shrink Films
4 Key Advantages of Shrink Wrapping One Should Know
Shrink wrapping is an easy going process requiring couple of things and that is the corrective plastic wrap and heat. It is to be noted that shrink wrap is nothing but a plastic film that can be wrapped around any given object irrespective of the shape and size. Heat is now applied on the surface which makes the plastic to shrink. As t....
BOPP Shrink Wrap manufacturer
Why Shrink Wrapping is Convenient and a Much Accepted Opt..
Off late whatever business one does, it needs to maintain optimal standards and it should be competent enough to be in the same page of international standards. To do so the packaging needs to be done in an accurate manner. It does not really matter if you are manufacturing industrial product or consumer products, packaging will finall....
in mould label manufacturers
Understanding the Benefits and Costs of In mould Decorati..
It is to be noted that custom moulders are always looking for advantages especially they are eager to gain a competitive edge. It generally establishes their brand to amongst the OEM customers. It opens up the door for latest business opportunities. Technology is the only option that can make things possible. With latest advances being....
PVC Shrink Films
6 Noted Advantages of PVC Shrink Films
PVC films are also referred to as vinyl films. It is nothing but a thin thermoplastic film available in numerous forms along with finishes. Depending on the respective requirement along with restrictions of the intended application, it gene....
PVC shrink films
5 Noted Advantages of PVC Shrink Wrapping Films
Shrink wrapping is a seamless process that requires couple of things and that is heat along with correct plastic wrap. Shrink wrap is nothing but a plastic film that can be wrapped easily around any object irrespective of the size & sha....
BOPP wrap around labels
Why Is BOPP a Great Choice for Packaging of Your Products..
It is always very important that you select the right label for your product. Labels form the most inevitable part of every product. Labels tend to be the most important mode of communication between the end-user and the products, as they g....
PVC lamination films
Why Use PVC Film for Commercial Applications?
PVC was first produced in 1872 and during World War II it is used to replace rubber wires in electrical cables. The shortage of rubber supply plays a crucial role in this change and since then its usage has made the foundation of many new developments and it got recognized as the second most popular and extensively used plastic worldwide.....