BOPP Wrap around Labels
What is BOPP? Why use BOPP Labels from Vintech Poly?

BOPP is an abbreviation for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). It is a sibling of Polypropylene (PP) and is currently considered the most appropriate printing surface. It is mostly used as a printing surface for labels and stickers while being present in textiles and making other plastic materials and parts. Fundamentally, pol....

PVC shrink wraps
9 Reasons Why your Business Should Use Shrink Technology

Businesses look out for packaging solutions that can help to make their product secure, attractive, and cost-efficient. With technological advancement, a lot of changes happened in the process of product manufacturing and packaging. The packaging is a crucial aspect of any product that can’t be ignored. Shrink wrapping has a lot ....

PVC lamination films
Why Use PVC Film for Commercial Applications?

PVC was first produced in 1872 and during World War II it is used to replace rubber wires in electrical cables. The shortage of rubber supply plays a crucial role in this change and since then its usage has made the foundation of many new developments and it got recognized as the second most popular and extensively used plastic worldwi....

Heat Shrink Labels
Advantages and Benefits of Heat Shrink Labels

Labels play an important role in the promotion of a product. It is very important for the labels to be informative, genuine and attractive so that it goes well down among customers. Heat Shrink Labels are one such example of unique and attractive l....