In Mould Labels
6 Reasons of Using In-Mould Labels

In mould labelling is a process in which manufacturers place a pre-printed polypropylene label in the mould of the packaging during the manufacturing process. Therefore when the mould gives shape to the plastic packaging, it also adds the labelling to the packaging. In-mould labelling involves three methods they are:

  • Blow moulding
  • Injection moulding
  • Thermoforming


In-mould labels are today used widely in plethora of industries like food, beverage, cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceutical and automobile industries. In-mould labels are used in ice cream tubes, yoghurt tubes, candy tubes, cosmetics, household products, tobacco, paint buckets, and many other products as well. 


Why you should choose in mould labels?

Time and cost-saving

In -mould labelling technique saves time as well as is pocket friendly. As in this process, the printed label is directly moulded with the container. Hence that saves a lot of time of the in-mould label manufacturers.  Another added advantage is that this process consumes less amount of raw material thereby reducing the cost of raw materials.

Environment friendly

The in-mould labelling companies make sure that they do not harm or pollute the environment in any way. So the material of the packaging and label are of the same material and are environment friendly and recyclable. The production involves less consumption of raw materials and hence ensures to maintain an ecofriendly environment.

Durable and resistant

In-mould labels are durable and have an excellent resistant capacity. Be it extreme heat, moisture or water, the labels remain unaffected by these harsh conditions. They are scratch-resistant, do not crack and are not susceptible to wrinkles and are waterproof. They can withstand even the adverse and severe conditions they face. They can even resist cold freezing and the heat of microwaves. In short, they even protect the product by being resistive to severe conditions.

Appealing graphic quality

In-mould labels allow a high-quality graphic resolution. For the products that want to outshine themselves in the market in comparison to other products in terms of astheticness, the excellent graphic resolution of in mould labels gives the products an added benefit in terms of sale.

Available in a plethora of designs

In-mould labelling offers and comes in a myriad number of designs. They can also be decorated with a wide range of materials. This gives your product a wide range of options to be showcased and presented in order to give your product a good recognition.

Easy to design & wide range of customization options

If you wish to change the design of your label, now it just takes one step to shift or change the design of one label to another. The cost of the changeover to a new label is almost negligible. The designs can be customized as per your need very efficiently.

Today product decoration is considered as one of the most integral parts of a product to create a brand image. Using an attractive in-mould label on a product acts as a corporate face of the brand. Moreover, in-mould labels provide a full-colour high-resolution graphics for your labelling. Vintech Polymers Pvt. Ltd. provides very high-quality in-mould labels at a cost-effective price.