Lamination films
6 Signs of Quality Lamination Film Manufacturing

lamination process is the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers so that the manufactured material achieves improved strength, stability, good insulation, and good appearance. Lamination films are widely used for rendering beautiful texture and tactile quality to pack products. Lamination film is the high-performance film that has a low processing temperature and it comes from a gloss, matte, less lustre, and textured imaging. This process is generally adopted by people to protect their documents, wrapping up of products, and many other packaging purposes.


Materials used in lamination films-

  • A lot of lamination films are made up of plastic called Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) and are called BOPP labels.
  • PVC lamination films (vinyl) are also commonly used in lamination films. It is often used overprinted white vinyl for vehicle wraps that gives extra durability.
  • Another used material in lamination film is polyester (PET) which is often used for encapsulation where the thicker film is used on both sides of the sheets for higher durability.

The film comes in a variety of sizes and thickness like standard laminating film rolls, quality PRO films, thermal lamination films, etc.

Features of quality lamination films-

  • Crack-resistant-

Good and quality lamination films are resistant to cracks and other physical damages. This unique feature of laminating films makes them a perfect fit for packaging of all kinds of products.

  • Good finish-

When manufactured and fabricated correctly quality lamination films enhances the appearance of the images that get laminated thereby making the images more brighter and cleaner and giving them a perfect finish.

  • Textured and excellent clarity:

Quality lamination films have a very fine texture because of which they have a unique look and feel to the prints. These textured films impart a special finish that can be seen and felt.

  • High slip:

Quality lamination film that has high slip features and sleek finish that allows laminated products to easily slide and stacked one over the other. Such high slip products are ideal for the high-speed automation lamination process.

  • Flat film:

Good lamination films are flat and they do not curl or gets sacked together when laminated. They spread evenly throughout the surface. Such type of good quality films is ideal for lamination of covers, folders, and documents.

  • Resistant to chemicals and food-friendly:

Good lamination films are food materials friendly. They do not harm the food when they come in contact with them, and food wrapped in lamination films are hygienic and are safe for human consumption.


Thermal lamination film manufacturers make lamination films in different varieties like polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. After the lamination process, it leaves superior lustre and shine. It also enhances the strength of the substrate. These films are widely used in the lamination of cartoons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, and readymade garments. At Vintech Polymers Pvt. Ltd. we offer you with the best quality PVC lamination films that give your product a super glossy finish and solid packaging to your product.