PVC shrink wraps
9 Reasons Why your Business Should Use Shrink Technology

Businesses look out for packaging solutions that can help to make their product secure, attractive, and cost-efficient. With technological advancement, a lot of changes happened in the process of product manufacturing and packaging. The packaging is a crucial aspect of any product that can’t be ignored. Shrink wrapping has a lot of advantages and has gained popularity since the last decade. The process of shrink wrapping is very easy and requires only 2 things: Heat and the right kind of plastic cover. Heat makes the plastic shrink and covers the product with plastic which acts as a protective layer.


This article will help you to understand 9 key features of shrink packaging which makes them a popular choice among businesses and one of the best packaging solutions available today.


1. No restriction of size and shape

Shrink technology can be effectively used for any size and shape item and has no restriction of size and shape. You have the liberty to use PVC Shrink Wraps to pack small and thin items like wires or small hardware items to the bulkiest items available in your product list easily without any differentiation of features.


2. Makes the product secure and damage-free

During the packaging process, PVC Shrink Wraps or PVC Heat Shrink Films is sealed using heat which creates a tight seal or layer around the product. This tight seal makes the product secure and protective against damage. Some shrink wraps also come with ultraviolet protection which protects items from harmful sun rays.


3. Branding

Shrink wrap technology can alternatively be used for marketing and increasing brand awareness. Printed wrap sheets used for packaging make your product more attractive and help it stand out on the shelves in comparison to other items.


4. Recyclable

The packaging material used in shrink wrapping like PVC shrink wraps, BOPP Shrink Wrap, or PVC Heat Shrink Films is recyclable and is environment friendly. These can be easily recycled with other plastic bags.


5. Durable

The use of good quality plastic sheets makes the packaging durable and long-lasting. Also, it will have no impact on temperature change which makes it a preferred choice to be used for the products which are transported and face temperature change like food products.


6. Tamper proof

Packaging done under shrink wrap maintain its shape and it tempered the product will also be tempered. Food and pharmaceutical companies use this feature as a method of watching the safety and hygiene of their products. Some brands also use this tamper-resistant packaging below another packaging.


7. Cost-effective

This technology helps in reducing packaging waste. Shrink wrap uses 70% less material which makes it a cost-efficient solution for packaging. Also using shrink packaging material like PVC shrink wraps or BOPP Shrink Wrap you can pack multiple items together which helps in saving space. Additionally, the machines used in this process occupy lesser space as compared to the traditional method. Both these benefits help in saving space which can be utilized for various activities to support business and achieve cost optimization.


8. Water Proof

Moisture spoils most of the products. The use of PVC Heat Shrink Films or other shrink wrap like PVC shrink wraps and BOPP Shrink Wrap packaging is one of the best alternate to protect your products from bad weather. Preservation

Products packed using shrink wraps are airtightly packed so are protected from dust, dirt, grease, environmental pollution, or any type of contamination. This feature makes them an excellent choice to be used for the food industry. Such packaging of products also helps to extend the shelf life of the item.