PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturers
A Complete Guide to Overwrap Shrinks Film

There are essentially two kinds of shrink film and they namely shrink film for transit & shrink film for presentation. The key purpose of shrink film for transit is to protect and cater to the utmost strength. The appearance is usually of secondary importance. Overwrap shrink manufacturers opine the typical applications are jars or it can be canned and possibly with the usage of cardboard trays.

Not to forget they are used in larger items like that radiators and work surfaces. All the key products can be packed in an individual manner or collated. These films are created out of low-density polyethene. It can often be referred to as polythene or PE.


Shrink Wrap Film for Presentations-


  • In the case of shrink film for presentation, they are mainly applied were product appearance is of high importance like that of retail along with the point of sale.
  • They provide optimal enhanced appearance along with tamper evidence.
  • Few typical applications include the ranks of toys along with books and foodstuffs like broccoli and Swedes.
  • PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturers in India has expressed heat shrinks are quite versatile and are the accurate choice while using display shrinks films.
  • They are robust & mechanised. It does have brilliant optics and is quite economical and efficient.
  • The POF shrink films in general offer an excellent display shrink film requirement.

Polyolefin Shrink Wraps Are Quite Sophisticated-


It does not matter what type of shrink wrap machinery is to be used. Polyolefin shrink wrap is quite sophisticated & formulated to offer wide sealing. It is being done so that they can be used readily on manual along with semi-manual & completely automated shrink wrap machinery.


PVC Shrink Wraps Are Ideal To Produce Awe-Inspiring Looks-


PVC shrink wraps are capable of producing amazing looking packs, but they are largely superseded by polyolefin (POF) shrink films. PVC shrink films have easy sealing. It also has some shrinking characteristics and they are inferior to POF shrink films. When it comes to strength along with low-temperature flexibility along with associated cleaning regime on equipment this is undoubtedly the best.

However, PVC Heat Shrink Film manufacturers opine it will go ahead to fulfil certain areas like that of flexible packs along with particularly heat-sensitive products. PVC shrink wrap film is used variably with less plasticiser in form of semi-rigid shrink. Here it is used ideally to substitute BOPP overwrap film, but with additional advantages of shrink-wrap finish.