Wrap around labels
Shrink Wrap Vs Over Wrap Which One to Use?

About Shrink Wrap


Shrink wraps commonly known as shrink films are made up of polymer plastic films.  The product to be applied with this Wrap around labels is placed below the film and then heat is applied to the film and it shrinks tightly over the product.


About Over Wrap


Over wrap also known as poly wrapping is applied over an item .The end result looks like a gift wrap with one long seam located either on the bottom or side of the package and each end of the package is neatly tucked and folded and sealed.


Differences Between Shrink Wrap And Over Wrap


1. Material – Over wrapping is done to keep the products remain together so that they stay tight and together in transit. Whereas shrink wrapping is done to bundle products so that they remain safe from damage, dirt and debris in transit.

2. WRAPPING- IN over wrapping the shrink label manufacturers performs it manually or with a machine that wraps the products circularly whereas in shrink wrapping the whole product is wrapped.

3. Heat- Over wrapping process does not involve application of heat in the wrapping process. Shrink wrapping use heat to shrink loosely wrapped tightly around the product.


Advantages of Using Over Wrap


  • Highly cost effective
  • Can be applied by hand without machine
  • Can be used with heat sensitive products
  • Comes in different varieties like color and opacity
  • Resistant to tear and damage
  • Provides load stabilizing capability for big products
  • It is very much effective for wrapping big products that are irregular in shape.


Advantages of Using Shrink Wrap

  • It has a better visibility option in product wrapping
  • Minimizes oxygen in the package thus providing a good space
  • Prevents leakage
  • Less chance of damage to surface of products
  • It has the option to be ventilated for air passage into products.
  • It is a great choice for protecting individual products and packing them for sale purpose.
  • Shrink label manufacturers mostly use this for packing meat, vegetables, fruits, and poultry products.
  • They are recyclable.


Both the Wrap around labels are best as per their use and application. Both have very different technique of application as well as purpose. Shrink label manufacturers suggest the users as per their requirement and purpose. However shrink wraps are an easy way to do the packaging as they require the right kind of material and heat. With just one roll you can protect your product from water, heat and tampering.