In Mould Labels
Top 5 Qualities of In Mould Labels

In mould labelling is the use of paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing process done by the in mould label manufacturers. In every product labels serves to be an integral part in the final stage of the product. In the manufacturing process the in-mould film is placed inside the mould by blow moulding, injection moulding or thermoforming process. This process involves the application of heat and pressure. Vintech Poly offers you in mould labels that are designed and formulated using the industry norms. The company is known for its precision, high quality and super adhesive property. Given below are the top 5 qualities of mould labels that you should look for;

1. High-quality raw material – Always keep it in mind that a good quality in mould label is made up of BOPP. Whenever you opt for mould labels always make sure that the raw material should be of superior quality. The raw material should comply with the environment friendly norms i.e. they should be recyclable. You should also check that the in mould label has a thickness of 80 to 105 microns.

2. Durability – Once the label is pasted on the product, now the product can be mishandled, subjected to harsh weather and abrasion. So your label must be so strong that it withstands the extreme weather conditions like heat, moisture. It should also be waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. In order to ensure that in mould labels are durable your raw material for the mould labels must be of superior quality utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing.

3. Customizable – A very good quality of an in mould label is that they must be customisable as per your need and requirement. This means that the in mould label manufacturer must be able to incorporate in itself unique designs, security label feature with colours and designs for enhancing your product.

4. Applicable on all kinds of shapes and substrates – Before going for in mould labels always make sure that they can be easily applicable on containers of any shapes and sizes. As an in mould label manufacturer, you can have many product lines and corresponding packaging for the same. Therefore you must always select an in-mould label that can be applied on different materials.

5. Good life span – You must always choose an in mould label that has an extended life cycle. The mould label should have a life span equivalent to the product’s life span. The label must be able to survive as long as the product is being used.

These are some of the important aspects that define the perfect features of a quality in mould labels.

 In mould labels have a wide application in various industries like food and beverages, paint and oil industry, lubricant industry, agriculture industry and household items. If you are looking out for quality product labelling and packaging, then Vintech Poly offers you a wide range of options. Vintech Poly is one of the leading companies to be recognized in the field of in mould label manufacturers.