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Unique Features of Thermal Lamination Films from Vintech Polymers Pvt Ltd

Thermal lamination films are generally films that are coated with resin or a thermal adhesive that melts down even in low temperatures. This application technique ensures that the whole lamination process is done just by application of slight pressure and heat.

There are generally three types of lamination films that thermal lamination manufacturers make;


Biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) -

​​​​In these type of thermal lamination films, biaxially oriented polypropylene is the base material in the whole manufacturing process. This film has the property of BOPP film on one side and the other side is heat sensitive and is used for dry lamination. These types of films give the products an aesthetic look.


Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film (PET) -


PET films are very popular films that the thermal lamination manufacturers make. Although they are costly but still mostly in demand because of its superior quality and unbreakability. They are mostly used for lamination purpose of documents or books.


Biaxially oriented nylon film (Nylon) -


Compared to polyester films nylon films are more expensive. They are also known as breathable laminates as they have a good oxygen retention capacity.


PVC lamination films


At Vintech Polymers there is a special unit that specialises in the manufacturing of wet lamination grade PVC lamination films. These films are sold at a very good frequency as after their application they leave a very good lustre and shine on the laminated product. The bonding strength of such lamination films is excellent with the presence of strong and quality adhesive. PVC lamination film manufacturers prepare these lamination sheets for industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, garments. These films are also used for wrapping up of books and confectionaries, detergent, soaps, corrugated boxes, gits etc.


Features of Thermal lamination films


  • Lamination films have an excellent barrier, seal-ability, and strength
  • They possess an extended packed product shelf life.
  • Laminated sheets have a wide range of oxygen transmission capacity for an increased shelf life.
  • They have an exceptional printability.
  • Lamination sheets have optical properties and aroma retention capacity
  • They have very scare chances of leakage and have high filling rate thereby providing more profit to the users.
  • They have a special coating and are easy to peel off and have the anti-fog characteristic.
  • Lamination sheets possess excellent superior mechanical properties and are therefore tamper and puncture resistant.
  • These sheets have a very good sealing property.


Vintech Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading service providers in the field of thermal lamination film manufacturers. It assures of providing outstanding quality products & services to meet the customer's satisfaction at a very competitive price.