BOPP Wrap around Labels
What is BOPP? Why use BOPP Labels from Vintech Poly?

BOPP is an abbreviation for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). It is a sibling of Polypropylene (PP) and is currently considered the most appropriate printing surface. It is mostly used as a printing surface for labels and stickers while being present in textiles and making other plastic materials and parts. Fundamentally, polypropylene stretched flat gives us BOPP. It can be stretched in two directions, and that is where it got its name ‘Biaxially-oriented.’ 


How is BOPP produced?


BOPP is commonly produced using three methods, and those are: 

  • Tenter frame sequential process
  • Simultaneous tenter frame orientation
  • Double bubble process

Polypropylene PP, the BOPP parent, is the second most-produced synthetic plastic material globally, Polyethylene PE. This is because it is economical to produce and retain a wide variety of uses on performance characteristics.


BOPP and PP are commonly applied for

BOPP Labels for packaging

  • Containers for food products
  • Plastic ropes
  • Medical plastic equipment
  • Items for laboratory
  • Textile requirements

Since the material is versatile and resilient as a labeling product, BOPP labels are widely in use. BOPP labels or films are available in white, metallic colored, or transparent. 


What properties make BOPP popular?


The properties that make BOPP popular are:

  • Rigorousness – the strength and durability is superior quality. Keeps the labeling intact no matter what it has endured. This makes BOPP labels long-lasting.
  • Fatigue resistant – no matter how much time has passed or the products have traveled quite a distance, BOPP products remain unharmed. 
  • Moisture resistant – does not allow moisture to penetrate it and contaminate the products or affect the labels in that case.
  • Low toxicity has a deficient level of toxicity, making it safe containers for food and beauty products.
  • Flexible finishing – the materials are flexible enough to provide different finishing for different products.
  • Controllable transparency: Bopp is known for its transparency, but the transparency can be customized according to the product requirements.  
  • Easily printable – the surface is perfect to be printed colors on. It holds the properties to retain the printed forms. 


Why use BOPP from Vintechpoly?

Talk about BOPP labels, and Vintech Polymers is a giant in the supply chain for Heat Shrinkable & BOPP Wrap around Labels

The products of Vintech Polymers range from -

  • In-Mould Labels PVC Shrink Films
  • PVC Shrink Labels
  • PET Shrink Labels
  • PVC Lamination Films
  • BOPP Wrap Around Labels
  • Heat Transfer Labels


BOPP Wrap around Labels provided by Vintechpoly is the roll-fed labels which are in oriented polypropylene. They are available in pearl-white opaque or natural transparent. 


What are the reasons to choose Vintechpoly?

There are several reasons for choosing Vintechpoly. Some of them are:

  • The roll-fed labels are for 360 degrees.
  • For carbonated soft drinks, pet water bottles, beverages, coffee, and other food products, the labels are available in full-body wrap-around labeling. 
  • The in-house label designers cater to customizations according to each packaging requirements. They can help in maximizing the 10 color printed graphics to turn your product attractive at its best. 
  • The thickness of the labels starts from 35 microns to 70 microns.