PVC lamination films
Why Use PVC Film for Commercial Applications?

PVC was first produced in 1872 and during World War II it is used to replace rubber wires in electrical cables. The shortage of rubber supply plays a crucial role in this change and since then its usage has made the foundation of many new developments and it got recognized as the second most popular and extensively used plastic worldwide.


Compared to alternative thermoplastic film materials, PVC lamination films offer many benefits which make it the greatest option to be used for commercial applications. These are:


1. Environmental Safety

When PVC lamination films were initially invented, it was found that when the surrounding temperature of PVC becomes high than its molecule start breaking and acidic gas was released during this process. Later after doing a lot of research scientists discovered that if some specific chemicals were mixed with PVC then it becomes stable and resistant to heat and light.


PVC Lamination Films which we use currently are safe to be used and are designed considering all the standards which make it environment friendly. It has been thoroughly tested for environmental effects and is found to be a safe product that can be used without any single thought.


2. Operational Safety

PVC Lamination Films are non-toxic and fulfill all terms of domestic and international health and safety standards. It follows guidelines of safety norms set by International Safety Standards (ISS), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), etc.


3. Durable

PVC is extremely long-lasting, demonstrating exceptional resistance to breakage due to harsh environmental conditions like abrasion, corrosive chemicals, and shock. The inherent properties of PVC lamination films make it long-lasting also make it appropriate and a perfect choice to be used in medium to long-run applications which can also involve exposure to the external environment.


4. Fire Resistant

PVC Lamination Films are fire-resistant because of its high chlorine content. When melted, it emits harmful chemicals that can have serious implications on health. So if the material is handled at high temperatures during working then it is recommended to take proper precautions.


5. Non-Conductivity

PVC is a bad conductor of electricity which makes PVC Lamination Films appropriate to be used as insulators in various mechanical components and buildings. For the best quality PVC material for commercial usage, you can contact PVC Lamination Film manufacturers or Thermal Lamination Film Manufacturers. Vintechpoly is a reputed manufacturer of PVC Lamination Films and is well known for its quality products.


6. Cost-Effectiveness

PVC can be modified into various shapes and sizes. Despite all these ease and associated advantages, its manufacturing is very reasonable which makes it a cost-effective and efficient choice for commercial applications.


7. Versatility

  1. The physical properties of PVC Laminating Films enable it to be used in a wide range of applications like:
  2. As flexible packaging material – It can be used for packaging of consumer goods, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc
  3. As rigid packing material – It can be used for packing clamshells so that product packed inside will remain protected.
  4. Furniture or supply cover – It is a very light, durable, and great product for fabrication of furniture and protective products like food delivery bags, imitation leather, etc
  5. Waterproof covering – Being water resistant it is extensively used as shower curtains, canopies, tents, etc.
  6. Window cover and siding – It is heat resistant, durable, and cost-effective solution to be used as window cover and siding.