Vintech Polymers Private Limited open up opportunities for Security, Label and Product Design.

Some possible uses are as under:

Reverse printed decorative labels

These lables/sleeves offer 3600 coverage to the pack particularly used for cosmetics, foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products. Multicolour reverse printing gives glossy look to the product & thus increases brand appeal. Due to reverse printing, protection of printed matter is assured.

Tamper Evident sleeves

These lables/sleeves is ideal for protecting goods against tampering.

Special shapes

These lables/sleeves makes it possible to shrink wrap the product with unusual shape. Bottles can be shrunk from top to bottom. In this case the sleeve becomes a cohesive part of the bottle and also restricts the spillage, if any.

Promotional Pack

These lables/sleeves offers variety of possibility of implementing sales promotional packs, free gift, combi-pack multiple packs effectively, economically and quickly.


At present Vintech have an installed capacity of 50 Lac Labels per day.
The company believes in maintaining close relation/liason for providing complete consumer satisfaction.