Vintech Polymers Private Limited is a pioneer manufacturer of PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Labels, and Tubes & Films in Eastern India.

These labels shrink on the object and take its shape on application of indirect heat and make the product tamperproof, dust and moisture-proof. These also act as insulating material.

The sleeves/labels are supplied in rolls and/or individual cut length, preformed caps or perforated pouches duly sealed at one end to suit different shapes of the products. Sleeves/labels are manufactured in different varieties i.e. transparent, colored or opaque. The film is available with reverse printing for label application giving 3600 decoration, which helps in boosting the aesthetic value of the product. There is virtually no limit to the shape, color, printing or design. These sleeves are also used for multiple, combo-packs and gift packs. Optional facility of perforation and notch ensures easy tear-off while opening the seal/cap.

The labels can be shrunk on the object by using any of the following heating systems:

  1. Heating Tunnels
  2. Hot Air Guns
  3. Ovens
  4. Steam Nozzles

On application of indirect heat from any of above systems, labels shrink within seconds. Temperature ranging above 900C can be applied depending upon the size of object to be shrunk with the desired speed of shrinkage.

Shrinkage Ratio:

  1. Machine Direction: Upto 5%
  2. Transverse Direction: Upto 50%

Thickness: 25 Microns to 60 Microns

Salient Features

  1. Excellent Transparency.
  2. High shrinking Capability
  3. Moisture Resistant
  4. Good Mechanical Properties
  5. Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties
  6. Excellent Printability


At present Vintech have an installed capacity of 50 Lac Labels per day.
The company believes in maintaining close relation/liason for providing complete consumer satisfaction.