PET Shrink Labels

PET Shrink Labels are differentiated on shrink characteristics and hence are ideal for high shrinkage applications with better gloss and high asthetic value

Salient Features of PET Shrink Films

  1. Excellent Transparency
  2. High Shrinking Capability at lower temperature
  3. Resistance to Moisture / Oil
  4. Good Mechanical Properties
  5. Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties
  6. Excellent Printability

Besides decorating the bottle/container, it provides glossy look to the product due to excellent quality of the Sleeve compared to conventional type of paper-labels.

It can be used with automatic and manual operation. In case of high-speed operations, to achieve better productivity, these sleeves can also be placed on the object with the help of automatic shrink sleeve applicator machine. In this case, the sleeves can be supplied in continuous length to suit the operations.

Technical Specifications of PET Shrink Label Grade Films

Property Unit Nominal Minimum Maximum Test Method
Nominal ThicknessMicron40.039.240.8ASTM E252
YieldM2/Kg18.5218.1618.90Weight basis
Tensile StrengthKg/Cm2---ASTM D 882
MD7004001000-ASTM D 882
Elongation%---ASTM D 882
Shrinkage In Boiling Water for 30 Sec%---Internal
Haze% D 1003
Std.lengthMtrs.750 / 3000Internal
Width ToleranceMM± 2 of Ordered Width in absence of spec.
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At present Vintech have an installed capacity of 50 Lac Labels per day.
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