In-Mould Labels

In-mould labelling is a process in which the in-mould film is placed inside the mould during the manufacturing of containers by blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming processes. This is done at high pressure where the pre-heated plastic is injected when the mould opens, the container is ready and hence it is decorated with the label. This label serves is an integral part of the final product and the print stays dazzling on the product for life long.

Designed using the finest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, Vintech offers In Mould Labels which are designed and formulated using the industry norms. These in mould labels designed by the company are known for their precision, high quality and super adhesive property. These labels are custom designed and delivered in varied sizes and specifications. Since the products are designed using highest standards of printing quality therefore it assures better product and promotional presentation. Through proper communication, collaboration and stringent maintenance of standards and specifications along with the supply chain, Vintech has carved a niche in the market because of high quality in mould label films.

Features of the In-Mould Labels

  1. Smooth finishin-mould-label-for-oil-industry-250x250
  2. Excellent Printing Re-production
  3. Excellent adhesive property
  4. Superior quality
  5. Elimination of separate labelling process, lowers cost Upscale graphics with more graphics panel space
  6. Precise die cutting ensuring consistent application
  7. Durable and stain resistant performance
  8. Improves container's strength
  9. Allows faster speeds on your filling line
  10. Can be printed in up to 9 vibrant colours

The benefits of In mould Labeling

  1. The biggest advantage of using in mould labelling is the freedom from glue residues, wrinkles, blisters. The label is strtched on the container in a perfect manner.
  2. It is one of the quickest and cost effective method to change the design of the label.
  3. This process is environment friendly and easily recyclable because the container and the labels are made from one and same material.
  4. In-mould labelling delivers manufacturing economies and efficiencies without sacrificing the aesthetics of the product packaging."
  5. The labels are made from PP film which is an excellent medium for high resolution and photo-realistic image reproduction.
  6. Its a single step process for both the molding and labelling of the product. This ensures the security of the pack because it is not possible to remove or replace the label which is permanently bonded to the pack.
  7. These in mould labels are quite hygenic to be used for the food products, since they are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.
  8. It helps to give quite a different and distinct identity to your product and set it apart from rest of the product in the market during sale.
  9. Since they are moisture and temperature resistant, hygenic etc it makes them an excellent solution for plastic packaging for frozen or refrigerated products.

Applications of In Mould Labels

  1. Food and beverages
  2. Paint pail industry
  3. Oil, grease and lubricant pail industry
  4. Agriculture and seeds pail industry
  5. Household items

If you are looking out for quality product packging, opt for in mould labelling from Vintech which integrates a downstream process with the injection molding process.


At present Vintech have an installed capacity of 50 Lac Labels per day.
The company believes in maintaining close relation/liason for providing complete consumer satisfaction.